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Android 11 Beta Release: And new Features.

Android 11 Beta is Released for Pixel Phones.

Google is releasing its Android 11 beta for Pixel phones. And it has many new features like a revamped notification system, a powerful new menu, and many other smaller changes.

Here are the changes Android Beta 11 has.


The most noticeable change in Android 11 beta is adding a new section called “Conversation.

Notifications are divided into three categories: conversation, alert notifications, and silent notifications.

Conversation notifications can play by slightly different rules than other conversation notifications appear at the top butt, also pop Out the icon for the person you are talking. You can tap it, And it opens up an overlay window.

Other notification changes

The alerting notifications and silent notifications are unchanged to some extent. And also, things in notification shade are just a little bigger and more clearly’s easier to improve whether silent notification icons will appear in your status bar or lock screen

New media controls 

Another thing Google pulled out of notifications is the interface for screenshots. Presently, when you trigger a screen capture, a little thumbnail will skim down to the lower-left corner. And there are some buttons with it to edit it quickly.

And another thing google has put native screen recording last year but pulled it for the official release. Added back in Android 11 beta, and it worked flawlessly.

The in use page looks a bit different

In Android recent pages are changing over the year, and this time in android 11 beta has changed once again.

You’ll despite everything discover your on a level plane looking over a rundown of late applications, yet the Google Search gadget and column of suggested applications have been supplanted by three new alternate ways.

New smart home controls

 A new user interface was added for the menu you see when you press and hold the power button — specifically, it added shortcuts to all of your credit/debit cards stored in Google Pay. The Android 11 beta keeps your cards, but it adds your Google Pay passes such as tickets, boarding passes, etc.

Grant permissions on a one-time base

The best thing of this version is to grant permissions on a one-time base, specifically the ability to only grant location permission to apps while you were using the app.,

When you will download the Android 11 beta, you can see that you can grant microphone, camera, and location permissions on a one-time basis. The permission only works when you’re using the app, but when you leave it, the permission is to cancel and needs to granted again the next time that app is used.

How to Download Android 11 Beta

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